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A little bit about the creator of Auto Mass Commissions, Saj P
Saj P is a very popular internet marketing guru, CPA publisher and among top Clickbank publishers. Before this, Saj came up with several products such as Zero Friction Marketing, Affiliate Funnel System and CPA Renegade. He also teamed up with many popular marketers to create high quality products.

For example, he joined forces with Alex Goad in December 2014 to create Commission Payload product. Commission Payload is a high-ticket course which walked the users on how to generate lots of income with CPA marketing. In July 2014, he and Anik Singal teamed up to create Clickbank Wealth Formula product, which is ranked top ten on Clickbank marketplace for several weeks.

Auto Mass Commissions – what this product is about?
Auto Mass Commissions is a project which is developed by Saj, Mo Mulla and Ashley B. They had been working on this project for several months and the result is a unique program which allows the users to monetize any online content with any platform they choose. Users will also receive 13 hours of detailed, step-by-step training videos together with this software package.

Saj P, the creator of Auto Mass Commissions, is an active Clickbank publisher and internet marketing guru since 2014. Before this, he came up with several high quality internet marketing courses, most of them are sold via Clickbank. Below are some of them.

Affiliate Funnel System – This product is basically about affiliate marketing by using free search engine traffic and email marketing. The videos walks through the process of finding the right Clickbank products to promote, how to get more traffic, how to grow a huge list of subscribers and monetize them into money.

Banner Ad Blueprint – Saj and another guy, Philip Mansour is behind this course. Banner ad blueprint is basically about using banner ads to get traffic. Many marketers thought that banner ads are dead and not suitable for online marketing, but Philip Mansour proved that they are wrong. In fact, marketers can get lots of cheap traffic with banner ads, as long as they know which site to target and what to insert in that banner.